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Established in 1995, Mei Bao Enterprises Limited specializes in the manufacture and export of liquid acrylic products, including ball pens, pen and pencil holders, rulers, staplers, tape dispensers, mobile phone holders, candleholders, clocks, paperweights, keychains and Novelty Gifts. Over 95 percent of our products are exported. WalMart, Kmart, Target, Woolworth and Sears top our impressive buyer list. With our strong R&D capability, fully integrated operations and high product quality, we can serve you too. Design support from our 10-member R&D team To help you keep in step with market trends, our 10 engineers release four or five new products every month. With nine years of OEM experience, we can handle your product customization needs Just tell us your specifications and we will care about the rest for you. Product development lead time is two months. Buyer labels are accepted. Fully integrated operations Every month, over three million pieces of products are turned out from our 60,000-square-meter factory, equipped with 12 production lines. All our processes are carried out in-house, from design and molding to silk-screen printing, assembly and shipping. Our fully integrated operations will ensure our prompt delivery of your volume orders. Delivery can arranged within 30 days. 20 QC staff monitoring your orders In order to provide you with defect-free products, we adopt imported resin from Japan and some key components from Taiwan. Our 20 experienced QC staff monitor every production stage from raw materials to delivery. All our products meet 89/677 EEC or 16 CFR 1500.14 and CFR 1500.231 regulations. Product : Namecard Holder, Liquid Magnet, Toothbrush Holder, Toilet Brush Holder, Bathroom Accessories, Lotion Bottle, Bottle Opener, Liquid Mouse, Liquid Timer, Cotton Bud Holder, Liquid Ruler.

ZHAO QING MEI BAO ENTERPRISES LIMITED, Shopping, Gifts From Zhaoqing, Guangdong, China


1st and 2nd Block,Shuikeng 1st Industrial Village, Guicheng
Zhaoqing - 0
Guangdong / China




We Offer:

Shopping in Zhaoqing, Shopping in Guangdong, Shopping in China, Gifts in Zhaoqing, Gifts in Guangdong, Gifts in China, Namecard Holder, Namecard Holder Zhaoqing, Namecard Holder Guangdong, Namecard Holder China, Liquid Magnet, Liquid Magnet Zhaoqing, Liquid Magnet Guangdong, Liquid Magnet China, Toothbrush Holder, Toothbrush Holder Zhaoqing, Toothbrush Holder Guangdong, Toothbrush Holder China, Toilet Brush Holder, Toilet Brush Holder Zhaoqing, Toilet Brush Holder Guangdong, Toilet Brush Holder China, Bathroom Accessories, Bathroom Accessories Zhaoqing, Bathroom Accessories Guangdong, Bathroom Accessories China, Lotion Bottle, Lotion Bottle Zhaoqing, Lotion Bottle Guangdong, Lotion Bottle China, Bottle Opener, Bottle Opener Zhaoqing, Bottle Opener Guangdong, Bottle Opener China, Liquid Mouse, Liquid Mouse Zhaoqing, Liquid Mouse Guangdong, Liquid Mouse China, Liquid Timer, Liquid Timer Zhaoqing, Liquid Timer Guangdong, Liquid Timer China, Cotton Bud Holder, Cotton Bud Holder Zhaoqing, Cotton Bud Holder Guangdong, Cotton Bud Holder China, Liquid Ruler, Liquid Ruler Zhaoqing, Liquid Ruler Guangdong, Liquid Ruler China, 卫浴系列, 卫浴系列 Zhaoqing, 卫浴系列 Guangdong, 卫浴系列 China, 钥匙扣, 钥匙扣 Zhaoqing, 钥匙扣 Guangdong, 钥匙扣 China, 杯子, 杯子 Zhaoqing, 杯子 Guangdong, 杯子 China, 文具, 文具 Zhaoqing, 文具 Guangdong, 文具 China, 冰箱贴, 冰箱贴 Zhaoqing, 冰箱贴 Guangdong, 冰箱贴 China, 开瓶器, 开瓶器 Zhaoqing, 开瓶器 Guangdong, 开瓶器 China, 相框, 相框 Zhaoqing, 相框 Guangdong, 相框 China, 滴漏, 滴漏 Zhaoqing, 滴漏 Guangdong, 滴漏 China, 厨房系列, 厨房系列 Zhaoqing, 厨房系列 Guangdong, 厨房系列 China, 手机壳, 手机壳 Zhaoqing, 手机壳 Guangdong, 手机壳 China, 时钟, 时钟 Zhaoqing, 时钟 Guangdong, 时钟 China, 烛台, 烛台 Zhaoqing, 烛台 Guangdong, 烛台 China, 茶杯垫, 茶杯垫 Zhaoqing, 茶杯垫 Guangdong, 茶杯垫 China



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