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Kakaraparti Bhavanarayana College


About Us:

Kakarparthi Bhavanarayana College with its four decades reputation has been leaving no stone unturned to achieve the pre-set goal of transforming every student into a great leader by imparting rich and qualitative education. After establishing college in 1965 at vijayawada it bagged many laurels to its credit and created many responsible citizens. Its reputation speaks of the endeavors to excel in offering the best education to all classes of students and moulding them into future leaders, because our institution recognizes that in every student there is a leader in the making. We believe that traditional education with a touch of technological base is a must for the digital age. Every educating student requires attention to virtues, ethics, character and integrity. This always helps to prompt the all round development of every student , who steps out of the college and seeks challenging and exciting career options. The college had been sponsored by a century-old society ... SKPVV Hindu High School's Committee. Spreading across 10acres of vast and sprawling land with a number of permanent structures , the college encourages all students to go beyond their thought to gain self-confidence so that they excel themselves in every field of their activities.


Krishna - 520001
Andhra Pradesh / India




Courses Offered:

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