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Colombo Art Biennale Pvt Ltd


About Us:

CAB announces the Second Edition of the Colombo Art Biennale with Becoming Sri Lankan Contemporary Culture at its very best. Experience the City of Colombo over a period of five days becoming an artistic phenomenon.


29, Galle Face Court 2
Colombo - 300
Western / Sri Lanka




Events Programme:

Arts in Colombo, Arts in Western, Arts in Sri Lanka, Crafts in Colombo, Crafts in Western, Crafts in Sri Lanka, Architects Programme, Architects Programme Colombo, Architects Programme Western, Architects Programme Sri Lanka, Visual Art Programme, Visual Art Programme Colombo, Visual Art Programme Western, Visual Art Programme Sri Lanka, Performance Arts Programme, Performance Arts Programme Colombo, Performance Arts Programme Western, Performance Arts Programme Sri Lanka, Community Engagement, Community Engagement Colombo, Community Engagement Western, Community Engagement Sri Lanka, Outreach Programme, Outreach Programme Colombo, Outreach Programme Western, Outreach Programme Sri Lanka, Education Programme, Education Programme Colombo, Education Programme Western, Education Programme Sri Lanka



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