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Cologenesis HealthCare Products P Ltd


About Us:

Cologenesis Healthcare Pvt Ltd., is a closely held private limited company focused in developing Collagen range of products. The manufacturing unit is equipped with state of art equipment with WHO-GMP ISO 9001:2008 & ISO 13485. The technological support is given by M/s. CSIR, New Delhi. Cologenesis Healthcare manufactures integrated collagen derived products of biomedical technology with superior quality, catering to the global markets by embracing new technologies through continuous research and development efforts. The Company is engaged in the production of Collagen based dressings in various forms for the management of Burns, Trauma and Chronic Wounds and specially for Diabetic Wounds and GTR Membrane, Bone Graft Material and Collagen Plug for Dental segment.


Plot No: 51, Salem Co-operative Industrial Estate, Udayapatty
Salem - 636006
Tamil Nadu / India




We Offer:

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