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Citi Enterprises Ltd


About Us:

Customer requirements care factory visiting help We confirming to strict quality control measures and delivery schedule has now earned a reputation in the world of trading.Our aim is to give customers value for money: Our Mission is to build long-term relationships though superior quality, timely delivery and competitive prices.We can give you perfect name on importing.


Room 2B 21, 1st Floor, SOHO Tower, 110-118 Caine Road, Central
Mid-Levels - 123453
Hongkong / Hong Kong




We Offer:

Business in Mid-Levels, Business in Hongkong, Business in Hong Kong, International Business in Mid-Levels, International Business in Hongkong, International Business in Hong Kong, Import Product Support, Import Product Support Mid-Levels, Import Product Support Hongkong, Import Product Support Hong Kong, Induction Cooker, Induction Cooker Mid-Levels, Induction Cooker Hongkong, Induction Cooker Hong Kong, Vibrator, Vibrator Mid-Levels, Vibrator Hongkong, Vibrator Hong Kong, Steel Door, Steel Door Mid-Levels, Steel Door Hongkong, Steel Door Hong Kong, Mop, Mop Mid-Levels, Mop Hongkong, Mop Hong Kong, Bicycle, Bicycle Mid-Levels, Bicycle Hongkong, Bicycle Hong Kong, Exercise Cycle, Exercise Cycle Mid-Levels, Exercise Cycle Hongkong, Exercise Cycle Hong Kong, Fan, Fan Mid-Levels, Fan Hongkong, Fan Hong Kong, Umbrella, Umbrella Mid-Levels, Umbrella Hongkong, Umbrella Hong Kong, Pressure Cooker, Pressure Cooker Mid-Levels, Pressure Cooker Hongkong, Pressure Cooker Hong Kong, Kids And Baby Cycle, Kids And Baby Cycle Mid-Levels, Kids And Baby Cycle Hongkong, Kids And Baby Cycle Hong Kong, Air Conditions, Air Conditions Mid-Levels, Air Conditions Hongkong, Air Conditions Hong Kong, Water Filter, Water Filter Mid-Levels, Water Filter Hongkong, Water Filter Hong Kong, Refrigerator, Refrigerator Mid-Levels, Refrigerator Hongkong, Refrigerator Hong Kong, Rice Cooker, Rice Cooker Mid-Levels, Rice Cooker Hongkong, Rice Cooker Hong Kong, Soya Maker, Soya Maker Mid-Levels, Soya Maker Hongkong, Soya Maker Hong Kong, Game, Game Mid-Levels, Game Hongkong, Game Hong Kong, Corn Flakes, Corn Flakes Mid-Levels, Corn Flakes Hongkong, Corn Flakes Hong Kong, Instant Wheat Food, Instant Wheat Food Mid-Levels, Instant Wheat Food Hongkong, Instant Wheat Food Hong Kong, Ladder, Ladder Mid-Levels, Ladder Hongkong, Ladder Hong Kong, Iron Box, Iron Box Mid-Levels, Iron Box Hongkong, Iron Box Hong Kong, Laptop, Laptop Mid-Levels, Laptop Hongkong, Laptop Hong Kong, led Bulb, led Bulb Mid-Levels, led Bulb Hongkong, led Bulb Hong Kong, Juice Machines, Juice Machines Mid-Levels, Juice Machines Hongkong, Juice Machines Hong Kong, Mobile Battery, Mobile Battery Mid-Levels, Mobile Battery Hongkong, Mobile Battery Hong Kong, CFL Bulb, CFL Bulb Mid-Levels, CFL Bulb Hongkong, CFL Bulb Hong Kong, Mobile Watch, Mobile Watch Mid-Levels, Mobile Watch Hongkong, Mobile Watch Hong Kong, , Mid-Levels, Hongkong, Hong Kong



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